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Carmela Elaine

I have been on hiatus for the past year and a half or so due to a little thing called my "day job." This has meant most of my days, nights, and weekends are spent in the hospital or clinic taking care of children and their families. I am honored to meet so many amazing families and take part in some of the most vulnerable moments of their lives. Nevertheless, the job can be grueling and I haven't had as much opportunity for photography as I would like.

This year also brought a new blessing to consume my time and attention. On October 28, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Carmela Elaine Superdock. My husband and I are, of course, completely in love with her and our dog Joly is enamored as well (...we think). Fortunately, while we do spend most of our time feeding, soothing, and cleaning Carmela, she is also quite photogenic and leaves us just enough time for daily impromptu photo sessions.

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